Regional »  Topic » Enhances CX for India’s Logistics Companies Enhances CX for India’s Logistics Companies has been supporting some of India’s largest logistics companies to create a smart workforce and reduce operational costs by 20-30% this festive season.

For these companies, has efficiently brought down customer query resolution time by 4X – resulting in repeat customer orders and retention along with significantly increasing agent efficiency.

Speaking about the feat, Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder, said, “ adds a strategic value to the business when it comes to engaging with customers and creating a distinct experience for them. We leverage proprietary algorithms built using next-generation technology – AI, NLP, NLU to train models from unstructured voice and text data. These models once trained for an enterprise get deployed as virtual agents with the ability to talk and revert to customer queries just like the enterprise’s “best agent”. These models are designed to scale without a ramp-up period ...

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