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Norms must be simplified for e-commerce to thrive: Report

The government should come up with simpler policies on broad norms for foreign companies or for receiving foreign direct investments (FDI) in India, and not micro-manage the e-commerce business on various aspects, says a new report released today by Bharti Institute of Public Policy, an autonomous policy think-tank under the Indian School of Business, as part of a one-year research study on online retail. The report, commissioned by Empower India, analyses the scope and challenges of e-commerce industry in India and puts across significant policy changes for the sector’s growth and development.

The policies governing FDIs in the country have been complex, overlapping and have many endpoints in terms of involvement of several ministries and government bodies, which make it difficult for various entities to operate and prosper. “Simplification of norms for conducting business in the retail and e-commerce sector should be formed by a single ministry in consultation ...

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