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Nokia unveils thermal detection solution to fight Covid-19

Nokia on Thursday announced an automated, zero-touch thermal detection solution that has been designed to help spot potential Covid-19 infections in facilities with thousands of people.

Leveraging advanced analytics, a business rules engine, centralised management, machine learning and ubiquitous connectivity, the Nokia solution dramatically reduces the cost of detection and ensures business continuity and supply chain resilience during the pandemic.

Organisations can also expand the solution to support other ongoing use cases to protect employees and building assets, including predictive surveillance, machine maintenance and security threats, the company said.

“Our Nokia Automated Analytics Solution brings centralised data, analytics, and an automation management system, allowing large organizations to make intelligent decisions to protect their people and facilities during and in a post-pandemic world,” Amit Shah, head of Analytics and IoT for Nokia, said in a statement.

According to the company, the Nokia Automated Analytic Solution uses a thermal camera to capture ...

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