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NexWEB Utilizes Butterfly Protocol to Enable NFT Platform

NexWEB Technologies has decided to enter decentralized and distributed web space by utilizing the Butterfly Protocol, the premiere community-driven blockchain domain provider.

Building upon the open-source toolset that Butterfly provides, NexWEB will create additional tools to enable NFT (non-fungible token) marketplaces to be developed and deployed quickly.

Eddie Quiroz, Founder of NexWEB, stated that “The world of the decentralized and distributed web has reached the tipping point of use as decentralized finance and markets around digital assets drive growth. The Butterfly Protocol provides NexWEB with a baseline for using a naming system that replaces traditional DNS for the centralized world of the internet. By using Butterfly, we can build a robust ecosystem of tools for this emerging space that allows developers to create rather than invent.”

The Butterfly Protocol is the world’s leading community-driven blockchain domain provider. It allows anyone to sponsor a blockchain top-level domain (bTLD) for use ...

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