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Littelfuse Unveils Optically Isolated MOSFET Gate Driver

Littelfuse has launched the first high-voltage optically-isolated MOSFET gate driver on the market that requires no external power supply, yet can provide fast load turn-on speeds in the order of tens of microseconds.

“The CPC1596 570V Load-Biased Opto-Gate Driver addresses a critical market need,” said Steve Andrezyk, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Littelfuse. “Universal AC power line applications now have a custom, higher power optically isolated solid-state relay (SSR) solution without the cost of an auxiliary power supply or additional discrete devices to meet fast start-up speed requirements.”

The problem: Standard Photovoltaic (PV) Gate Drivers simplify SSR-design by eliminating the need for auxiliary power supplies. Due to output currents in the µA-range, they get slower with larger gate charges of external MOSFETs, making it difficult to fulfill demanding fast turn-on application requirements.

The solution: The CPC1596 provides fast turn-on switch speed (typically 40µs) enabling designers to create a custom, higher ...

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