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Komprise doubles its sales revenue

Komprise announced robust growth for 2021 over 2020, with more than a doubling of its revenues and the amount of data under management. The past few years have seen explosive growth in data worldwide, leading to enterprise pains and opportunities alike, spanning dramatic increases in storage costs, enterprise priorities for cost-optimized cloud migration and accelerated AI adoption plans as cloud-based AI and ML services mature.

Amid these trends, Komprise has seen rampant market uptake of its value proposition for unstructured data management, enabling massive data storage savings while facilitating faster, more automated analytics projects in the cloud.

Customer Growth

Komprise revenues, which are subscriptions, grew by 115% year-over-year.
New customer acquisition grew by 200% over the year before, particularly in life sciences, media and entertainment, and the public sector.
Customers spent more on expansions than on their initial purchase, indicating increased adoption and satisfaction.
Komprise had more than 400 graduates ...

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