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Kaspersky: Local threats continue to haunt businesses in India

2023 witnessed over 17 million local threats that targeted organisations in India. This is according to the latest data from global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky.

Business solutions from Kaspersky blocked a total of 17,500,000 local infections during the period of January to December last year.

Statistics on local infections of user computers are an important indicator of the overall cyberthreat landscape. They include objects that penetrated the target computer through infecting files or removable media, or initially made their way onto the computer in non-open form (for example, programs in complex installers, encrypted files, etc.).

These statistics are produced by Kaspersky security solutions scans of files on the hard drive at the moment they were created or accessed, as well as the results of scanning removable storage media.

Even though global threats were on the rise over the past year (individual and business segments combined), India registered a slight ...

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