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Is Uber planning to exit the Indian market?

Uber was reportedly looking for a potential buyer in India, as per some reports. But the speculations were wrong though. Know what actually happened.

Uber denied a report claiming that the cab aggregator is planning to exit the Indian market. It was highlighted that the company held discussions with potential buyers to sell the platform in India, and stop the operation of the company by it's own name.

Bloomberg reported that the US-based aggregator has been exploring the selling options in India, but "suspended discussions after tech startup valuations cratered."

In a statement shared with IANS, an Uber spokesperson said the company never explored exiting India -- not even for a minute -- and the report is "categorically false."

"India is as important to Uber today as it was when we launched nine years ago. We are serving riders and drivers across more than 100 cities, hiring Indian talent aggressively, and ...

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