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IIT Madras Researchers Release ‘Moushik’

Researchers from IIT-Madras have recently invented ‘Moushik’, a Microprocessor that has been indigenously designed and fabricated in India. Moushik is a processor cum System on Chip(SoC), which means that, as a processor it can execute the instructions and as a SoC, different components can be attached to the it. This is the third in the series of six computer chips being designed as a part of the Shakti Microprocessor programme.

This chip can be used in Credit cards, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), surveillance cameras, safe locks, personalized Health Management Systems and a boost of other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, informed Prof. V. Kamakoti, Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Group, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-Madras.

“This is a 180nm chip with a 100Mhz speed and can cater to various small devices and home appliances. In terms of cost, if there is an order for one million units ...

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