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IEEE Concludes its Virtual Roundtable

IEEE has finally wrapped up its virtual roundtable focused on ‘The Next Big Things in Technology’, the top technologies that will have a massive impact in 2022 and beyond.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where digitization and technology have become increasingly powerful drivers for innovation, IEEE curated this roundtable to discuss how AI, ML, and advanced security mechanisms are fuelling industries to drastically increase productivity, automate systems to achieve better accuracy, and help workforces outperform while minimizing tedious repetitive tasks.

Speaking in the roundtable about The Impact of Technology in 2022, Sukanya Mandal, IEEE Member, and Founder and Data Science Professional explained, “AI and ML are creating strides for technological advancements and will be extremely vital for our future to increase output, bring specialization into job roles, and increase the importance of “human skills” such as problem-solving, quantitative skills, and creativity. I strongly believe the future will consist of people ...

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