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IBM to launch a GenAI Innovation Centre in Kochi

IBM announced the launch of its GenAI Innovation Centre in Kochi which will allow enterprises, start-ups, and partners to explore, experience, and build generative AI technology. As organisations transition from AI experimentation to deployment for adding business value, they often find AI projects too complex or difficult to integrate due to limited skills or expertise. To address this challenge, the GenAI Innovation Centre will provide organisations with access to IBM experts and technologies designed to help them build, scale and accelerate adoption of enterprise-grade AI.

The centre is built on InstructLab, a new technology jointly developed by IBM and Red Hat for enhancing Large Language Models (LLMs) with a client’s own data, and will also take advantage of IBM watsonx AI and data platform and AI assistant technologies. It will allow clients to learn about the fine-tuning of LLMs and to partner with IBM to have their own trained ...

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