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How to upskill and reskill in cybersecurity?

Written By: Neelesh Kripalani, Chief Technology Officer, Clover Infotech

In a post pandemic world, digitalization has become the imperative. Industries and businesses that have embraced digital are not only surviving but also thriving. Pandemic has taught all of us that being digital does not only mean having cool applications. It means having solutions that run deep across processes, people, and technology. However, the rapid digitalization is making enterprises vulnerable to cyber threats. These threats are not restricted to big corporates anymore. They are impacting the small, medium businesses and individuals alike.

Further, as per a government statement on national cyber exercise (NCX) – A hybrid exercise conducted over a period of 10 days from 18th to 29th of April to train the senior management and technical personnel of critical sectors in cybersecurity – India’s cyberspace need to be safeguarded as any threat to it directly impacts social, economic, and ...

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