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Future of Digital Asset Management (DAM) industry

By Rahul Nanwani, Co-founder and CEO, ImageKit

These unprecedented times have pushed businesses to innovate not just to survive but to thrive. As a result, we can see the landscape of industries changing drastically to suit the socially distant and increasingly digital world. One such shift has been the move from physical to online. Whether it is shopping, consuming content, payments, communication, every activity has gone digital.

A study showed that about 43% of customers now shop online for products they had previously bought in stores. In addition, retail industry data in the US showed that online retail sales increased 32.4% year on year in 2020 and are up 39% in Q1 2021.

With brands focusing on delivering great visual experiences online, the creation and consumption of digital assets, mainly images, and videos, is rising exponentially. And it is not just on the brands’ own website or app. Other ...

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