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Fujitsu, Trend Micro to Provide Connected Car Security Solution

Fujitsu has partnered with Trend Micro and will provide a security countermeasure solution for connected cars, the V-SOC (Vehicle-Security Operation Center) service, and Trend Micro Cloud One will protect the backend cloud infrastructure.

These solutions will work in tandem to detect vehicle abnormalities such as gas pedal and brake malfunctions and add detection capabilities for unauthorized communications and attempts to tamper with telematics servers, as well as security data on the cloud infrastructure.

All these elements are detected and analyzed in an integrated manner.

The two companies aim to provide new security services to be verified globally, including in Japan, Europe, the United States, and the APAC region starting in January 2022.

The new services will make it possible to visualize the overall picture of potential cyberattacks by detecting threats originating from cloud infrastructure, representing an easy target for the attackers, and linking these detection capabilities with alerts in the ...

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