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Eurotech launches BestNet Optical Fiber Unit

Eurotech Technologies has introduced a wide range of BestNet Light Interface Unit (LIU). The modular LIUs available in capacities from 1 to 96 ports are suitable for optical cable installation, fiber splicing and protection. BestNet LIUs are easy to install and provides complete solution for organizing, routing and termination of fiber optic cables. The LIUs have 4 spools and splice holder trays up to 12/24 splices and mounting hardware as integral parts.

The compact and space saving design of BestNet LIU feature adaptor plates for connector mounting and available in ST, SC, LC, FC & MTRJ Duplex/Simplex, connector varieties. These plates are designed for easy mounting using push-fit lockable knobs and can be easily mounted in vertical configuration. The LIUs also features cable entry option from top & bottom with easy-to-change adapter panels for flexible installation and key lock provision to restrict access.

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