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Content driven process automation: An imperative for enterprises

By Virender Jeet, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing Products, Newgen

As the effects of Covid-19 continue to unfold globally, automating manual and paper-based processes has become a business imperative. 

Content driven process automation was already a key focus area for organisations but now, to stay competitive, enterprises, like yours, must accelerate their digitisation initiatives, especially related to customer-facing, document-centric processes.

Remote working and a distributed workforce are here to stay, so your top priority should be reducing your dependence on physical documents and managing enterprise content efficiently. 

What is Content?

Content is any information that organisations leverage within their operations. Structured content refers to data that is contained and defined, such as databases and code repositories. Unstructured content refers to information that doesn’t have a predefined format, such as PDFs and emails.

Broadly, content comes in a variety of formats, including:

  •  Paper documents 
  •  Digital documents (PDFs, Microsoft Office ...

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