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Acron Group Optimizes Savings With Qlik

Qlik® today announced that Acron Group, one of the leading global manufacturers of mineral fertilizers, has turned to Qlik to support its comprehensive digital transformation program. Qlik will support Acron’s IT infrastructure team to help the entire organization drive better efficiencies and cost savings through the use of data.

Acron has completed the first stage of its Business Intelligence (BI) solution implementation as part of its digital transformation program. The Qlik Sense® data analytics platform gathers data from all key production systems from the Group and acts as an important source of information for real time decision making. Acron Group successfully uses Qlik to analyse data on warehouse, finance, procurement, production faults, key resources management and IT.

“In the early stages of the project, we focused on providing business intelligence as a service. Now each department has proactive employees who use the Qlik analytical reports and tailor them to ...

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