About Us

Techstreet Now is India’s very first AI-powered technology news aggregator. Owned by The Techstreet Now and is maintained and marketed by Interlock Marketing Consultancy.

The Techstreet Now was not seeded as a part of any financial motive but as a part of the idea of guiding the Indian CIO community who wanted to have a single trusted news source to track all the hot developments in the tech industry. As an automated and manual news aggregation service, the stories on the website come about through a thoughtful combination of AI-powered algorithms, editorial team screening the news and credible news sources. By doing this we spare audiences the impossible task of wading through an abundance of news sites across industries and provides a comprehensive view of the top technology categories such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Security, IoT and Robotics. Techstreet Now is a result of diverse minds with media experience coming together to provide the latest tech news of the day in real-time. And to get AI engine to run, every bit of support counts.

Also kindly note that we do not make any changes to the content, headline, news source or images as they are sacrosanct and also direct readers to the original copyrights content publisher for reading the articles in full.

To know more about us, you can reach out to editorial@thetechstreetnow.com